Where to Store Your E-Bike

Whether you are putting away your e-bike for a few hours, the night, or the entire winter, it is important to choose the right storage spot. Storing your e-bike in the wrong places can lead to it getting damaged.

It is best to store your e-bike indoors, in a cool place that does not have humidity. For long-term and outdoor storage, take out the battery and store it separately. Leave it partly charged and recharge it every few months. If you must store your bike outdoors, cover it with a plastic cover.

Continue reading to learn more about the best places to store your e-bike, regardless of how long you will be storing it away.

What Kind of Place Is Bad for Storing an E-Bike?

Any place that has a lot of humidity is a bad place for storing an e-bike. For example, if your basement is underground and humid and moist, avoid storing your e-bike there, especially for longer periods.

Avoid keeping your e-bike anywhere that might get flooded. If your garage is prone to flooding and you do not have anywhere else to store your e-bike, consider placing it on a high shelf or rack so that it won’t get ruined by water.

Constant temperature changes or high temperatures are not good for an e-bike either. Instead, keep it in a cool place — this is especially important for the battery. Heat is bad for your e-bike, so try to store your e-bike, or at least its battery, in a room that has a constant temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) or lower.

However, do not store your e-bike or its battery in a room that is too cold. Anything lower than freezing, which is 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit), should always be avoided. That is because not only is heat bad for your e-bike, but extreme cold is too. Ideally, however, you should not go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (around 4.4 degrees Celsius).

Read more extensive info on the best temperatures for ebike batteries.

Can Electric Bikes Be Stored Outside?

Electric bikes should not be stored outside exposed to the elements. Eventually, rain and moisture will cause the frame and chain to rust, and electrical components and especially their connections to fail. Even if it does not rain where you live, the sun can break down some components that are susceptible to UV damage.

An electric bike can be more susceptable to damage with long term outdoor storage, as the battery and other electrical components can be affected by moisture. However, if you do have to store your bike outside because you live in a small apartment and have no other option, there are a few things you can do to make sure your electric bike does not get damaged.

  • Bring the battery inside. If you store the frame of your e-bike outside, at least bring the battery inside. Store the battery separately, in a cool, dry place. Never leave your battery outdoors, regardless of the outdoor temperature.
  • Cover the frame. If you have to leave your frame outdoors, keep it covered. This will help protect it from the rain, morning dew, humidity, and moisture. However, even with a protective cover, your frame is still susceptible to some humidity and moisture. This TeamObsidian Bike Cover is waterproof and offers UV protection, so your bike’s frame does not get damaged. It comes with straps that help you cover your entire bike.
  • Lock it securely. Regardless of whether you live in a high-crime area or not, bikes left outside are prime targets for opportunistic thieves. They can quickly be picked up and hidden in a trunk or van. It is important to lock your bike and chain it to a pole or post. Use a secure bike lock with a strong lock or a combination with at least four numbers (combination locks with three numbers can easily be picked).

Storing Your E-Bike for the Winter

If you are storing your e-bike away for the entire winter, and not riding your ebike in winter, there are additional things to keep in mind.

  • Avoid outdoor storage. If you don’t have any space in your apartment and don’t own a garage or shed, you can try to find a long-term storage service in your area that will keep your bike safe and protected from the elements.
  • Store your battery separately. Store your battery separately, especially if you will be storing your bike outdoors or in a long-term storage service area.
  • Keep the battery partly charged. To preserve the life of your battery, store it away when it is partially charged. This can be between 30 and 60 percent. This will prolong the overall life of the battery when you take it out of storage. [link to battery university article]
  • Recharge your battery periodically. You should also try to recharge your battery when the indicator is low or every few months. Again, recharge it until it is charged between 30 and 60 percent.

If you plan to use your e-bike throughout the winter, you don’t have to put it away. However, be aware that its battery will likely have less capacity and range when riding it in colder weather.

Also, be safe! Try not to ride when it is snowing, and always look out for ice on the roads, including black ice, which is hard to see. Finally, bring your battery inside every day during the winter when not in use, and start your ride with a warm battery (room temperature).

How to Store an E-Bike Long Term

When storing your e-bike for a long period of time, whether it is for the winter or because you will be leaving the country for a while, make sure to take into account all the tips mentioned in the previous section.

In addition, always clean your e-bike before you store it. This is important for both indoor and outdoor storage. This way, you will be able to restart your bike and use it again when you take it out of storage without dealing with stuck mud or dirt.

Can You Store an E-Bike Vertically?

If you do not have a lot of space in your apartment or garage, you can store your e-bike vertically. Just make sure you get a good bike rack. This JAPUSOON Bike Stand Vertical Bike Rack is a good choice. If you will be storing your e-bike for any lengthy amount of time, take out its battery and store the frame on the rack.

Make It Convenient

If you are only storing your e-bike overnight, make sure you store it in a place that is convenient and which you can access quickly. This is especially important if you will be using the electric bike for a daily commute.

For example, you can store it inside your garage, right by the door, so you can quickly grab it and head out when you are going to work.

If you will be storing it for a longer period of time, put it somewhere where it will not get in your way all the time. This can be in the corner of your garage or your storage room, as long as it is not prone to flooding and not humid.

How to Save Space Storing an Ebike

One of the most common challenges is finding space for your electric bike, so you don’t have to store it outdoors. One option is using a vertical rack, as mentioned above. Another option is using a wall mount. You can hang your bike on the wall, but make sure to hang it by the frame and not the wheels, which can be hard on the spokes and bend the wheels. Ceiling mounts are also good options.

If you have several bikes, consider getting a regular (not vertical) bike rack so you can store all of your bikes together.

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